Meeting Boy
Boss asked me to go to a meeting in his place because he had something urgent come up. What was so important? His fantasy football draft.

Riding a bicycle makes you a cyclist, not a biker, so please stop acting like you’re hot shit in front of all the interns, Bob.

Promoting someone for using all your favorite buzzwords makes as much sense as kissing a lot of frogs until one turns into a prince.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,
just as a webinar by any other name would be as boring.

SPOILER ALERT: The jerk who insinuated himself onto the project after the fact gets the promotion.

It’d be nice if next time they ask us to work late and bring in pizza that it not be crappy pizza.

Today the client told us to “really think outside the box on this one, but stick to the template or the brand team will never approve it.”

The account director has decided that nothing should be called “old” any more, so now he’s referring to the previous campaign as “not new”.

I was telling my sister about a boring training meeting and my nephew said he wished he were there because he likes trains. If only, kid.

Did you even read this before you forwarded it to the team to work on?