Meeting Boy
Tomorrow’s project meeting is listed as a “soft handoff”, so I’m just going to put HR on speed dial now so I’m ready.

Eight words you never want to hear on a conference call: “Oh, that’s fine. We’ve still got another hour.”

Please tell me you did not just videoconference someone who sits 30 feet away.

He asked when I was available. I said “after 2 Eastern”. He sent the meeting invite for 1PM Eastern. Is he trying to make me look bad?

"Looping you in" is email code for "it’s too late to do anything, but if this goes bad I plan to share the blame".

A federal appeals court upheld a typo today, and yet the account director still routinely tries to save money by skipping the proofreader.

Darth Vader gets a bad rap. Who among us, if they had the power, wouldn’t choke an annoying coworker to death in a status meeting?

The meeting was to assign work, but Bill talked for 40 minutes before work could be given to him and then it was over. He filibustered us.

The boss promised my coworker an office, but reneged today because the person who had the office threw a fit. Let’s hear it for tantrums!

Judging by her fast-walk to the printer, it’s pretty obvious the account supervisor is working on her resume.