Meeting Boy
It only took a week for the boss to find his keycard. Where was it? The bar downstairs.

West coast colleague moved the conference call from 5-6 on Friday to 4:30-5:30 on Friday and act like they deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Most requests from the client boil down to “I want what my competitor just did, but in blue.”

So your idea for this beer commercial is “drinking beer makes you have fun” and you don’t know why everyone says that’s been done before?

I just keep hoping that other members of senior management will get inspired by Game Of Thrones and murder my boss.

He hasn’t explained what he means by “operationalizing complexity”, but expects us to believe he’s an expert in it.

You wouldn’t have to ask “are we all on the same page?” so many times if you ever bothered to listen to the answers.

I’ve head “Who just joined?” 14 times already and it’s out 9:30.

I thought the company logo couldn’t get any uglier, but they proved me wrong.

I’m pretty sure that the Devil uses Basecamp notifications to update Hell’s inhabitants on the status of their banishment.