Meeting Boy
My friend quit to get away from the big holding company and then two months later they bought the boutique firm he went to.

Senior management wouldn’t approve the extra cost for more internet bandwidth, but they never fail to yell at IT for how slow it is.

Sadly, “we’re going to burn through this PowerPoint” didn’t mean what I hoped it did.

The office internet is super slow, but sure, let’s add video conferencing for everyone on top of that. Brilliant!

I love how you just assume we’ll all know what “the BSA for the AMD” means without ever explaining.

The boss scheduled a 2-hour meeting for today, and then took the day off at the last minute without leaving anyone to run it.

I’ve had— no exaggeration— 14 emails about the fire drill scheduled tomorrow. I just hope when there’s a real fire, it sends us as much advanced notice.

No, no, why would I mind that you couldn’t finish chewing before calling me?

OFFICE ETIQUETTE TIP: If you’re wondering what the acceptable level of perfume is for the workplace, it’s less than one full bottle.

The company will hold Women in Leadership surveys and seminars, anything to avoid promoting even one woman to the 35 executive positions.