Meeting Boy
The account director seems to think that “Big Data” is something that fits in a spreadsheet, because he keeps asking us to email it to him.

Omnicom called off merger with Publicis after finding that Razorfish’s email inboxes were above quota due to large attachments.

Well, we’ve got a new logo and new business cards, so clearly all the company’s problems are solved.

A fax? It’s 2014, don’t tell me you need me to fax it to you.

Two people each with large offices are hogging a conference room. I suspect it’s because they both have such messy desks.

I suppose the most impressive part of the presentation was that he managed to say his title was “Chief People Officer” with a straight face.

We bill this client $50-$100K each month, so I’m not sure why we insist on tacking on another $237.30 in color copies.

Impactful defined

If you’re not familiar with the new word “impactful”, it’s meaning is that “the speaker has a high opinion of himself and hopes you do too.”

I used to wonder how the Titanic could go full steam into an area known for icebergs. Now that I work in an office the answer is obvious.

It’s almost like this designer thinks he isn’t doing his job unless he puts a drop shadow on EVERY SINGLE THING.