Meeting Boy
Enough people complained that the office Internet was too slow, so the CIO TOOK ACTION and had IT block the Speedtest site.




Client Comments turned into Posters

OMG that last one!! I hear that shit all the time. Not just sandwiches but all inanimate objects! Grrr.

I would be remiss if I didn’t let
know about this.

I think my favorite is “This dog is offbrand”

I’ve emailed you three times asking what the meeting was about since the invite had no agenda. You never replied, so I’m not coming.

"Can you join this call, but just listen and stay on mute?" It’s the BCC of conference calls!

The client asked for a one-pager, but rather than be concise, the account director used a 6-pt font. This should go over well.

Look, lady, the NYC_ALL mail group is for things everyone needs to know. It’s not the GIVES_A_SHIT_IF_JEN_IS_IN_THE_OFFICE_ON_FRIDAY group.

Infographics are the montages of PowerPoint, that way of glossing over the hard parts that take effort and skill.

It takes a real go-getter to say “it has a significant delta” when they mean “there’s a big difference”.

Sorry, I can’t make your meeting. I’m preordering my iPhone 6 at that time.

Drunken voicemail from the boss with 4 minutes of “great ideas for that presentation”. I should save it to an MP3 and email it to everyone.